YMail Notifier


A composite screenshot of the various visual elements.

Adds a little status-bar icon that notifies you when you get new Yahoo! Mail. Click on the icon to change the frequency of checking and other settings. When new mail arrives you can choose to be notified with sound, a sliding alert (Windows only), or by running an external application. When there is no mail, the status-bar icon dims itself.



(See screenshot.)

A screenshot of the statusbar frequency popup menu.
A screenshot of the statusbar notifications popup menu.

  1. Change the frequency at which it checks for new mail.
  2. Choose between being notified with sound, a sliding alert or by running an external application (like an email program).
  3. Works immediately out of the box.
  4. Does not clutter the screen when Auto-hide mode is enabled, which hides the mail icon until new mail is received.
  5. Specially designed to minimize memory usage and network overhead.
  6. Add an optional toolbar icon for more visibility.


0.1.6 ~ 28-10-2006Bumped max. version only to support Firefox 2.0.
0.1.5 ~ 2-8-2005Changed the mail count service provider from the dashboard URL to the toolbar URL (old one was blocked)
0.1.4 ~ 12-12-2005Better detection of network errors
/ Displays last known mail count during error
0.1.3 ~ 18-10-2005Added a time stamp to the tooltip
Italian locale added. (no version bump)
0.1.2 ~ 26-9-2005Added accesskeys and minor cosmetic changes.
0.1.1 ~ 22-9-2005Fixed hang if Internet down.
0.1 ~ 18-9-2005First release.



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