When you right-click on a word inside a web form on a webpage, this Firefox extension will check if the word is spelt correctly and will offer suggestions if it is wrong. It also allows you to select those suggestions from the context menu to insert them into the web form. The correct spellings are obtained from the dictionary server in real-time over the Internet.

A screenshot of the context menu with spelling suggestions.



(See screenshot.)

A screenshot of the configuration window.

  1. Search only when text is selected. This allows you optionally check a word just by having the caret pointer (the flashing bar) next to a word without having to select it first. Just right-click the mouse while the caret is at that position.
  2. Check words right from the address bar. Useful for when you want to quickly check the spelling of a word, but the current webpage doesn't have a web form for you to use. So you could type the word in the address bar to check it.
  3. Does automatic capitalization if the original word starts with a capital letter.
  4. Works in classical input forms and in rich text editor forms (Like in Gmail).


To use RiteOfTongue, you must be inside a web form. First type some text into the web form and then right-click on the word. The context menu (right-click menu) will then contain some suggested words that you can use to replace your typed word. Click on them to replace the text that you typed.

If you are a hardcore typist and hate switching from the keyboard to the mouse, you can use the ContextMenu key on the keyboard or the Shift+F10 key combination (Windows only) to launch the context-menu and then press the Up key to jump to the "Suggestions" menu. These keyboard shortcuts save much time!


If you have RiteOfTongue installed, you can test it out on the web form below:


0.4 ~ 9-3-2006Removed the dependency on Yahoo! and Google
and now uses a real spell checker service!
0.3.3 ~ 23-2-2006The scroll position of textboxes are now restored
after applying a correction. (Firefox 1.5 only)
0.3.2 ~ 5-12-2005Bumped max. version to support Firefox 1.5.
Italian locale added. (no version bump)
0.3.1 ~ 25-4-2005Fixed Mac OS X localization problem
/ Added GUI for editing dictionary
0.3 ~ 5-4-2005Added support for Google APIs
0.2 ~ 28-3-2005No longer need to restart to apply settings
0.1.3 ~ 21-3-2005Added branding note
0.1.2 ~ 19-3-2005Fixed appearance in Frames
0.1.1 ~ 18-3-2005Fixed constructor, race condition
0.1 ~ 17-3-2005First release.


This software is released under the Mozilla Public License.


Users behind a firewall (or router) should allow outgoing connections on port 2628 to access the Dict server. Users behind a proxy server may encounter problems for the same reason.

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