When your tab bar becomes cluttered, you often have to rely on seeing the icons alone to tell which website is loaded inside which tab. But not all websites have predefined icons. This Firefox extension will give them one. Each tab is given an icon that is coloured depending on the domain from which it is loaded.

A screenshot of coloured tabs.
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(As corresponding to the screenshot.)

A screenshot of the configuration window.

  1. Display coloured icons only after a minimum number of tabs has been opened.
  2. Restrict the spectrum of colours to use. This option can be used to make the colours blend in more to the browser's theme.
  3. Don't use website defined icons. Only use hash coloured icons.


0.3.3 ~ 28-11-2005Fixed compatibility with Firefox 1.5.
0.3.2 ~ 1-2-2005Fixed compatibility with TabMix extension.
0.3.1 ~ 27-12-2004Fixed compatibility with Minit extension.
0.3 ~ 25-12-2004Fixed tab count trigger bugs.
0.2 ~ 24-12-2004Added a configuration window.
0.1 ~ 23-12-2004First release.

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This software is released under the Mozilla Public License.

If you have further suggestions on how to improve this extension, please leave them in the Feedback section. If you are interested in my design considerations for this extension, feel free to read my documentation.

Peace and good fortune to you all. And as the famous Chinese proverb goes, The mightiest dragon cannot crush the local snake.

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